This year’s demonstrations will push the boundaries of modern mobility, so be sure to visit the innovative solutions that will be showcased between the Evoluon and Automotive Campus. Delegates, exhibitors and visitors will get the chance to experience exciting current and future mobility options and learn more about pioneering ventures. You are kindly invited to visit the Automotive Campus in Helmond to try them out. Do not miss out on these hands-on and high-tech ITS-solutions.

Demonstrations will run between the Evoluon and the Helmond Automotive Campus – a living lab for smart mobility solutions! Your experience starts when you step into the shuttle bus at the Evoluon. On your way over to the Automotive Campus you will get an impression of implemented smart mobility solutions.

The demonstrations given during the ITS European Congress will vary from vehicles with various driver assistance systems to semi-automated to fully automated driving, connecting roadside equipment to vehicles, smart data exchange, intelligent infrastructure, easy to use electric car sharing to drone deliveries and tethered drones.

Shuttle buses will leave every 30 minutes from the Evoluon to the Automotive Campus and vice versa.

Further information about the different demonstrations given will follow shortly.

Demonstration rides can be booked beforehand via the ITS European Congress 2019 App.

Call for Demonstrations Brochure


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ITS for cleaner, more sustainable mobility

Transport currently accounts for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Given the scale of this impact, smart mobility solutions will play a key role in improving the environmental credentials of transport by helping transport users make smarter...

Call for Start-ups

We are looking for start-ups changing our mobility systems or making our mobility more safe, sustainable and social. For we believe in the added value of strengthening, connecting and growing start-ups. The start-up area is the place where start-ups meet decision...

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