Demonstrations Venue


This year’s demonstrations will run on the corridor between the Evoluon and the Helmond Automotive Campus – a living lab for smart mobility solutions. And some of them will take place on the Automotive Campus premises. At this international hotspot for automotive business, ground breaking technologies are being developed and tested. Thanks to the campus’ many test and research facilities, the technologies being developed here can immediately be tested and researched extensively. Here, in this innovative area, you will get the chance to try out hands-on and high-tech ITS-solutions.

The Automotive Campus in Helmond

The Automotive Campus in Helmond, right in the middle of the Brainport Region, is the national and international hotspot, meeting place and a potential business location for automotive business. The Automotive Campus offers an attractive environment for learning- and working, a state of the art technology and related (test-) facilities as well as flexible residential concepts.

The Automotive Campus is where the ecosystem for smart & green mobility comes together for meetings, knowledge sharing, innovation, engineering, testing, business development, education and training.

Motorway as permanent living lab

Right alongside the campus you can find one of the showpieces of our living lab: the A270 motorway. A miles long real life test location equipped with cameras, transponders, and Wi-Fi beacons, connected to a high-end control room, the Traffic Innovation Centre. Completely unique. That is why international businesses and governments are regularly invited to see the innovative research and be inspired. Here in the top technological Brainport region, where interesting European projects are developed, the facilities and campus give an important impulse to the Dutch Automotive sector, and to the sharing of knowledge and innovation in the region.



can use free shuttle service to get from the Evoluon to Automotive Campus in Helmond. Your ITS-experience already starts on your journey to the Automotive Campus in Helmond.


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ITS for cleaner, more sustainable mobility

Transport currently accounts for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Given the scale of this impact, smart mobility solutions will play a key role in improving the environmental credentials of transport by helping transport users make smarter...

Call for Start-ups

We are looking for start-ups changing our mobility systems or making our mobility more safe, sustainable and social. For we believe in the added value of strengthening, connecting and growing start-ups. The start-up area is the place where start-ups meet decision...

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