Mayors and Industry Leaders from across Europe have been invited to participate in a focussed summit to take place in Eindhoven on 5 June 2019 during the 13th ITS European Congress.

For the third consecutive year, the summit will bring together city representatives and industry leaders to discuss the benefits of implementing smart mobility solutions and to justify these with concrete examples of effective solutions already in place.

Challenges and opportunities in the field of intelligent mobility will be discussed in four main categories:

  1. Making cities more liveable by reducing congestion and improving air quality
  2. How to finance deployment of new technologies and new mobility services (NMS) in cities
  3. Managing urban space use for public transport, active modes and private vehicles and NMS
  4. Deploying automated transport in cities for both people and goods

Brainport region of Eindhoven-Helmond forms part of Europe’s technological backbone and enjoys global recognition as a centre for innovation and mobility solutions, and is therefore the perfect setting for the 2019 summit.