Welcome to Europe’s hub for Innovation and Smart Mobility Solutions

The Netherlands is an advanced society characterised by a successful economy and a highly complex but efficient transport structure. Roads are busy and space is limited, so smart traffic and transport solutions are essential. Netherlands has been implementing ITS Solutions since the 80’s as an integral part of the mobility approach. By efficiently utilising the roads, railways and waterways, the Dutch Government attempts to optimise accessibility, safety and quality of life with less public funding – measures strongly supported  by the industry. Still, the continuing traffic growth in the Netherlands instils the need for even more innovations in transport and further improvement on traffic systems. Consequently government bodies, enterprises and associations are investigating new ITS methods like self-driving vehicles, Mobility-as-a-Service and connected and cooperative mobility solutions.

The Brainport region of Eindhoven-Helmond offers and optimized environment for research, testing and deployment of the transformative mobility technologies that will shape the future of transport and create solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow.

The ITS European congress gives you exceptional access to the entire ITS community. Over 3000 attendees from more than 50 countries are represented, attracting everyone from the most established and recognisable companies to the key and new. By exhibiting your position yourself among the latest ITS solutions and most advanced technologies that delegates look for, putting you in the marketplace for the future of mobility.

Here are 10 reasons to join us in the Brainport region next June:

  1. The ITS European is coming to the Netherlands: a unique opportunity to find out about the latest ideas, achievements and solutions in smart mobility.
  2. The hottest topics in smart transport addressed in breadth and in depth
  3. A unique network opportunity: think of the 20 European experts you would most like to hear from or talk to and 18 of them will be in the Brainport area from 3-6 June 2019.
  4. A mix of achievements, research and other work-in-progress, and strategies so you see and learn about what works but also experience what the leading players are preparing for next year’s products and services
  5. ITS Congresses aren’t simply listening events: you can ask questions and meet the presenters between sessions or at organised workshops and stakeholder meetings
  6. Over 300 technical / scientific papers to be presented
  7. More than 50 Special Sessions and workshops to dig more deeply into selected subjects with boosted audience interaction
  8. Consistent value for money: four packed days offering Congress Sessions, a large exhibition, state-of-the-art demonstrations and many ancillary events.
  9. Demonstrations including the hottest transport policy issues
  10. The best ITS networking opportunity in Europe in 2019